Tibet Brief – Edition 67

The Tibet Brief is an ICT publication for policy-makers, providing concise information and perspectives on the political, economic and human rights situation in Tibet. In this edition: US Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act enacted; Teen monk beaten and arrested as wave of protests and self-immolations continues; Tibetans ordered to prostrate to pictures of Chinese President; Developping technological totalitarianism in Tibet: Hikvision; New ICT analysis: The origin of the ‘Xinjiang model’ in Tibet under Chen Quanguo (…)

Inside Tibet report – Alignment of Xinjiang, Tibet security forces underline China’s lockdown policies for Tibetans and Uyghurs

There is growing evidence that military and security officials in Xinjiang (known to Uyghurs as East Turkestan) are collaborating more closely with their counterparts in the border areas of Tibet and elsewhere, reflecting the Chinese leadership’s alignment of Tibet and Xinjiang and the importance of both regions to the Chinese government in fulfilling its strategic and economic objectives.

Chinese response to Tibet reciprocity bill signals its fear of US support for Tibet

As Chinese authorities reacted angrily against President Trump signing into law the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act, they stepped up criticism of the Dalai Lama, republishing baseless negative articles that exposed China’s fear of the new law, which received strong bipartisan and bicameral support in the US.