4th European Solidarity Rally For Tibet – 10 March 2019 – Brussels

Tibetans and their friends from across Europe will convene in Brussels on 10 March this year for a mass solidarity rally commemorating the Tibetan National Uprising Day of 1959. The event will be an opportunity to highlight the continuing plight of Tibetans in Tibet and to seek renewed support in Europe for the non-violent freedom struggle of the Tibetan people.

China bans foreigners from visiting Tibet Autonomous Region until April

Tibet tour operators have announced that the ‘annual closure’ of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) to foreigners began this year on Jan. 30 and will last until April 1, with one operator recommending that foreigners plan to “begin the Tibet trip no earlier than April 1 because of the Tibet permits restriction policy recently.”

Inside Tibet Report: New training camp for Party cadres in Tibet demonstrates tougher approach and challenges in ensuring loyalty

In a disturbing indicator of Xi Jinping’s focus on total ideological control and deepening suppression in Tibet, the Chinese state media has announced the opening of a new training camp in Tibet under paramilitary supervision aiming to “correct” and mold the thinking of Party cadres carrying out political “education” in broader Tibetan society.

Tibet Brief – Edition 67

The Tibet Brief is an ICT publication for policy-makers, providing concise information and perspectives on the political, economic and human rights situation in Tibet. In this edition: US Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act enacted; Teen monk beaten and arrested as wave of protests and self-immolations continues; Tibetans ordered to prostrate to pictures of Chinese President; Developping technological totalitarianism in Tibet: Hikvision; New ICT analysis: The origin of the ‘Xinjiang model’ in Tibet under Chen Quanguo (…)