Developing technological totalitarianism in Tibet: Huawei and Hikvision

The arrest this month of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer (and daughter of the founder) of Chinese tech firm Huawei, over potential violations of US sanctions on Iran brings to a head growing scrutiny of Chinese CCTV giant Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology. Known simply as Hikvision, the company is already subject to bans by the …

Legislative landmark: US Congress passes Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act

In a triumph today for American citizens, the United States Congress unanimously passed a bill that takes direct aim at the Chinese government’s unfair treatment of Americans and pushes back against its isolation of Tibet from the outside world.

The origin of the ‘Xinjiang model’ in Tibet under Chen Quanguo: Securitizing ethnicity and accelerating assimilation

In this analysis, ICT shows how a system of intense security and forced assimilation that Chinese Communist Party official Chen Quanguo first developed in Tibet is now being used in Xinjiang, where Chen and his forces have locked up at least 1 million ethnic Uyghurs and Kazakhs in prison camps because of their ethnicity, culture and religion.

Tibet Brief – Edition 66

The Tibet Brief is an ICT publication for policy-makers, providing concise information and perspectives on the political, economic and human rights situation in Tibet. In this edition: China’s third Universal Periodic Review at the United Nations Human Rights Council; Former Special Envoy of the Dalai Lama and ICT Executive Chairman Lodi Gyari passes away; ICT and FIDH hold conference on access to Tibet and reciprocity in the European Parliament; ICT’s 30th anniversary marked in Brussels; Parliamentary groups on Tibet reestablished in France and the Czech Republic; ICT report uses satellite images to reveal prison state in Tibet’s capital; Prayer festival cancelled amid tightening control at famous Tibetan Buddhist institute; Tibetan man calls for Dalai Lama’s long life as he sets himself on fire; Three monks detained following solo-protests in Ngaba (…)