UNESCO fails its mission to protect unique landscape of Three Parallel Rivers in Tibet

International Campaign for Tibet statement on UNESCO’s draft decision on “Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan” The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) is gravely concerned about the future of the UNESCO World Heritage-protected site the “Three Parallel Rivers,” which is facing numerous threats due to extensive hydropower projects, mining activities that are opaquely reported and expanding …

ICT statement: US ambassador’s statements on Tibet must be followed by concrete action

The just-concluded visit to Tibet by US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad is significant because it reaffirmed the United States’ three fundamental positions on Tibet (dialogue to resolve the conflict, religious freedom for the Tibetan people and access to Tibet), but it must be followed by concrete action, said ICT in a statement released today.

Legislative landmark: US Congress passes Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act

In a triumph today for American citizens, the United States Congress unanimously passed a bill that takes direct aim at the Chinese government’s unfair treatment of Americans and pushes back against its isolation of Tibet from the outside world.