Establishing a Workable Autonomy in Tibet

Analyses the present autonomy arrangement in Tibet and recommends a change in China’s policy toward Tibet to better conform to national commitments and international obligations. Click here to download as a PDF.

Is Tibet Entitled to Self Determination?

Explores the meaning of sovereignty and self determination in International Law and its relevance to Tibet. Click here to download as a PDF.

Appeasing China, Restricting the Rights of Tibetans in Nepal

This 60-page report documents numerous violations of human rights by the Nepali authorities, particularly the police, against Tibetans involved in peaceful demonstrations in Kathmandu, including: unnecessary and excessive use of force; arbitrary arrest; sexual assault of women during arrest; arbitrary and preventive detention; beatings in detention; unlawful threats to deport Tibetans to China; restrictions on …

Mission to the Roof the World

Describes the relationship between China, Britain and Tibet in the early twentieth century, and shares the unique experiences of the first European women to be invited to Lhasa by the 13th Dalai Lama. Click here to download as a PDF.

The Quest for Self-Rule in Tibet

Assesses the historical record and current practices of autonomy arrangement in Tibet to argue that a form of autonomy grounded in the Chinese Constitution and international human rights practice may offer a path out of the current dispute. Click here to download as a PDF.

No One Has the Liberty to Refuse

Investigates the Chinese government’s policy of forced resettlement and its violation of economic and social rights of Tibetan herders, through interviews conducted between July 2004 and December 2006 with some 150 Tibetans from the areas directly affected. Click here to download as a PDF.

Minority Exclusion, Marginalization and Rising Tensions

China’s massive economic development strategy, touted to benefit rural ethnic groups in its western regions, in practice excludes, marginalizes, and masks the increased repression of ethnic minority groups such as Mongols, Tibetans, and Uyghurs, according to a new report by Minority Rights Group International (MRG) and Human Rights in China (HRIC). The report examines China’s …

Unlocking Tibet

Tsering Woeser is an influential female Tibetan author writing in Chinese. In December 2007, the Norwegian Authors Union named Woeser the winner of its Freedom of Expression Prize- 2007. Her husband, Wang Lixiong, is a well known essayist and fiction author in his own right. Wang’s essay, ‘The Dalai Lama is the Key’, is rumoured …