Chinese Rule in TibetTo provide context to the current crackdown and life inside Tibet, ICT created a series of briefings on topics ranging from the repression of religious freedom to climate change in Tibet.

These briefing papers are intended to provide insight into several key areas that affect life on the plateau which has shaped its past and will determine its future.

You can download the 18 factsheets below:

  1. Defining Tibet and Tibetan autonomy
  2. Chinese Rule in Tibet
  3. Tibet and the Dalai Lama
  4. Chinese Leadership in Tibet
  5. Repression of Religious Freedom
  6. Militarization
  7. Torture
  8. Uprising and Crackdown
  9. Self-immolations
  10. Education and Language
  11. Marginalization
  12. Healthcare
  13. Nomad resettlement
  14. Railway
  15. Tibet and Climate Change
  16. Tourism in Tibet
  17. Sino-Tibetan Dialogue
  18. International Advocacy for Tibet