Parliamentary Motion in UK on executions in Lhasa

The Tibet Society in the UK has announced that Harry Cohen, Chair of the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet, with cross party support, has tabled an Early Day Motion in the UK parliament related to what it calls the ‘deplorable judicial executions’ of two Tibetans on 20 October 2009. Cross party MPs from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet have also written directly to the British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband following up on the EDM and asking that confirmation is sought from the Chinese government on the whereabouts of three further Tibetans who have been handed death sentences with a two year reprieve. A series of parliamentary questions will also be tabled in the House.

Tabled on 26.10.2009 by Harry Cohen

That this House is shocked and saddened by the news of the deplorable judicial executions of Lobsang Gyaltsen and Loyak in Lhasa on 20 October 2009; fully supports the Minister of State’s condemnation of these executions and the doubts expressed in his Statement on the lack of due legal processes in these cases; calls on the Government urgently to follow up its concerns about lack of due process; further urges the Government to state clearly what measures it will take to ensure the Chinese government reviews the cases of those who remain under sentence of death for their alleged involvement in last year’s unrest; and further calls on the Government to obtain clarification on reports that two further Tibetans were executed at the same time and, if the report is verified, under what legal processes these executions were carried out since there is no information on any other Tibetans having received death sentences without reprieve.

You can view the EDM and follow its progress on the website of the British Parliament.