Tibet Brief – Edition 52

by melanie.blondelle | March 2, 2016 10:35 am

Tibet Brief February 2016-EN[1]The Tibet Brief is an ICT publication for policy-makers, providing concise information and perspectives on the political, economic and human rights situation in Tibet. In this edition:

  1. China’s first counter-terror law and its implications for Tibet
  2. European Parliament report on EU-China relations deplores deteriorating human rights situation in Tibet and China
  3. News of the Dalai Lama’s medical treatment prompts long life prayers in Tibet
  4. Political Prisoner Focus
  5. Reading Suggestion
  6. Upcoming Events
  7. Cartoon by Fifi

Click here[2] to read the Tibet Brief.
The French version will be available soon.


  1. [Image]: http://www.tibetpolicy.eu/wp-content/uploads/Tibet-Brief-February-2016-EN.jpg
  2. here: http://www.tibetpolicy.eu/wp-content/uploads/Tibet-Brief-February-2016-EN.pdf

Source URL: http://www.tibetpolicy.eu/tibet-brief-edition-52/