Tibet Brief – Edition 67

by melanie.blondelle | January 31, 2019 9:39 am

The Tibet Brief is an ICT publication for policy-makers, providing concise information and perspectives on the political, economic and human rights situation in Tibet.

In this edition:

  1. US Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act enacted
  2. Teen monk beaten and arrested as wave of protests and self-immolations continues
  3. Tibetans ordered to prostrate to pictures of Chinese President
  4. Developping technological totalitarianism in Tibet: Hikvision
  5. New ICT analysis: The origin of the ‘Xinjiang model’ in Tibet under Chen Quanguo
  6. Political Prisoner Focus
  7. Video suggestion
  8. Upcoming events

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The French version is available here[2].

  1. here: http://www.tibetpolicy.eu/wp-content/uploads/Tibet-Brief-January-2019-EN.pdf
  2. here: http://www.tibetpolicy.eu/wp-content/uploads/Tibet-Brief-January-2019-FR.pdf

Source URL: http://www.tibetpolicy.eu/tibet-brief-edition-67/