Bonsai: Aave Launches Scalability Solution to Power Web3 Social Media

• Lens Protocol has released its new scaling solution, Bonsai, to address the scalability issues faced by decentralized social media platforms.
• Bonsai is an Optimistic Layer-3 (or a Polygon Layer-2) scaling solution that will process transactions at hyperscale and reduce transaction costs.
• The release of Bonsai follows the previous scaling solution, Momoka, which enabled faster and cheaper transactions on the blockchain.

Scalability Issues for Decentralized Social Media Platforms

Decentralized social media platforms are gaining popularity as they provide an alternative to centralized social media networks with their subpar standards of data privacy and overall impact on society. However, these platforms face a concerning issue of scalability due to shared blockchain networks only being able to process up to 200 transactions per second (TPS). During peak hours, major social media networks like Twitter often reach 25,000 TPS – making it necessary to launch a scalability solution that would help blockchain networks increase their performance.

Lens Protocol’s Solution: Bonsai

Lens Protocol has launched its new scaling solution called Bonsai, designed to improve user experience and facilitate mass adoption. This Optimistic Layer-3 (or Polygon Layer-2) scaling solution will process transactions at hyperscale while also reducing transaction costs – making it more accessible for users with different financial capabilities. The release of Bonsai comes just days after Lens Protocol’s previous scaling solution known as Momoka was released to enable faster and cheaper transactions on the blockchain.

Aave’s Commitment To User Experience

The development firm responsible for Lens Protocol is Aave and they addressed the need to provide a seamless social media experience by increasing scalability and reducing transaction costs. With the ability to support mass consumer adoption, Aave CEO Stani Kulechov believes „we’ll see continued web3 innovation — new, exciting and compelling features and business models that will spur web3 adoption.“ He further adds that „Bonsai provides hyperscalability that supports blockchain’s core values and guarantees,“ delivering secure, fast and cost-effective scalability solutions.

Why Blockchain-Based Social Networks?

Blockchain-based social media networks are preferable alternatives over traditional centralized ones due to their commitment towards data privacy protection. Furthermore, being powered by distributed ledger technology allows these platforms greater levels of security against malicious attacks compared to other traditional forms of communication mediums like emails or SMS messages – making them attractive options for users seeking greater control over their personal data online.


Lens Protocol’s release of its scalable solutions such as Momoka & Bonsai demonstrate the company’s commitment towards providing improved user experience within decentralized networks while also catering towards mass adoption through reduced cost in processing transactions securely & quickly on the network.