Our review of Bitcoin Equaliser

Last update: November 12, 2021
Bitcoin Equaliser is an automated trading robot that offers investment opportunities on oil stocks. This trading software claims to generate unlimited profits (at least $1,000 per day), with a win ratio of 92%. But, is it reliable or an online scam?

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Is Bitcoin Equaliser reliable?

Is Bitcoin Equaliser reliable? Without hesitation, Bitcoin Equaliser is a reliable software in every respect.

We have thoroughly analyzed this automated trading software to prove its legitimacy.

To do this, we tested the following factors:

many other features
We have found that this robot is associated with secure and efficient brokers. The activities of these brokers are subject to regulation by financial authorities. These online brokers have trading experience in the oil market and also offer fund management services.

Bitcoin Equaliser is licensed to trade oil stocks on behalf of investors. The accuracy rate of oil stocks is, according to them, 100%. The robot promises a 92% success rate and profits averaging $1000 per day.

We have not been able to verify these claims.

Bitcoin Equaliser: What is it?

Bitcoin Equaliser: What is it?

Bitcoin Equaliser was launched in 2019
It is an automated trading software that allows traders to trade oil stocks with a claimed success percentage of 92%.
It claims to use modern technologies to structure its work.
Bitcoin Equaliser: how does it work?
Bitcoin Equaliser: how does it work?

This software allows you to enter the oil market for free. Here, the entire trading process is done by bots.

All you have to do is open a trading account with Bitcoin Equaliser and fund it with $250.

This bot has developed modern technologies (NLP, DL, AI) that allow it to analyse the market movement and price through indicators and trading signals. It supposedly takes care of placing orders on profitable companies.

Finally, Bitcoin Equaliser’s automated trading algorithm sends you notifications and updates on your trades.

Bitcoin Equaliser: how to sign up
In this section, we will introduce the process of signing up and trading on Bitcoin Equaliser. Check out our full tutorial:

Step 1: Register on the Bitcoin Equaliser platform
To create an account with this automated trading software, you need to go to the official Bitcoin Equaliser website.

Then, you will have to fill in the registration form that you will see on the homepage.