Cosplaying Canadian Kitties Launch on OpenSea Drops: Introducing the First Original Cartoon Duo of Web3 Space

• ChainwireWinkles & Flam™ are the first original cartoon duo of the web3 space, launching exclusively on OpenSea Drops.
• The project is created by Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Adam Benzine and BAFTA®-winning illustrator Dele Nuga.
• Winkles & Flam will run for five seasons, with sets of hand-drawn images comprising a mix of free mint, fixed-price and auctioned offerings.


Canadian art collective Sphynx Ink Inc. is partnering with OpenSea’s exclusive „Drops“ platform to launch Winkles & Flam, a ground-breaking Digital Collectibles project introducing the first cartoon duo of the web3 space.


Created by Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Adam Benzine and BAFTA®-winning illustrator Dele Nuga, Winkles & Flam – the ‚Cosplaying Canadian Kitties‘ – are adorkable sibling Sphynx cats who dress up in homemade, video game-inspired outfits.


The project differs radically from current NFT projects; it is not a PFP (Profile Picture) nor does it use generative elements. Launching April 3 with weekly content drops, rather than all at once; each set draws inspiration from an iconic video game, with an educational component – Winklepedia™ – focusing on the history of video games.


Winkles & Flam is the first major project to use Mintplex Lab’s cutting-edge Visual Metadata Editor Mint Foundry, which allows creators to edit and update information in real-time without coding knowledge.


Adam Benzine says: „It’s time for something fresh.“ The market has grown tired of low quality rug pull pump n dumps and vaguely conceived cash grab metaverses; Winkles & Flam marks the start of phase two of digital collectibles focusing on original characters narrative quality and reliability led by doxxed creators with proven track record.“