Introducing ARIALAND: Create and Experience a Blockchain-Based Metaverse!

Overview of ARIALAND

• ARIALAND is a virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that enables users to create and experience content while generating revenue through its native token, ARIA.
• On February 6, 2023, LBank Exchange will list ARIA/USDT trading pair for all its users.
• ARIALAND’s real estate can be purchased using ARIA ERC-20 tokens and users can build content NFTs such as various buildings and landmarks on the land.

Features of ARIALAND

ARIALAND is a decentralized platform with no one controlling or regulating it. It provides virtual real estate (land, building), which is a non-fungible, transferable digital asset stored in an Ethereum smart contract. Users can claim ownership through a self-identification program and earn profits accordingly through ARIA. The platform also offers various open markets for buying NFTs preferentially and providing smooth services in the virtual world.

The Benefits of Using ARIA Token

The native token of the platform, ARIA enables users to earn profits according to their own efforts. Users can use this token to purchase virtual real estate, do arbitrage trading or rent out their property for advertisement placement or renting offices/stores within the platform. In addition, they can deposit and stake ARIA through Aria Bank to receive interest payments and rewards from staking activities.

Listing of ARIA on LBank Exchange

Chainwire LBank Exchange has announced that it will list the native token of Arialand (ARIA) on February 6th, 2023 at 10:00 UTC with the trading pair being USDT/ARIA available for all its users worldwide. This listing will help expand Arialand’s global reach and support its vision further by providing access to more investors across different regions of the world.


Arialand is an ambitious project which aims at creating an independent virtual world where people can come together in order to form a network and develop huge community of their own with numerous economic opportunities available within it via its own native token ARIA . Listing of this token on LBank exchange helps provide liquidity as well as access to more investors across different regions around the globe thereby helping Arialand achieve its vision faster .